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Veronica Navas, Colombia
Former Director, Ministry of Finance

Veronica Navas Ospina is one of Colombia’s foremost authorities on the country’s fiscal and macro dynamics. She has participated in every aspect of the country’s fiscal decision-making process and is equally at home in the analysis of private sector dynamics.

Ms Navas is a partner at Econcept, an independent consulting firm based in Bogota. She is also one of GlobalSource’s local partners in Colombia.

Ms. Navas was Director of Consejo Superior de Politica Fiscal (CONFIS), responsible for the integrity of the figures and estimates used in fiscal policy evaluation and decision-making at the Ministry of Finance. There, she was a member of the Treasury Committee, which evaluates the debt management policies of the central government and their fiscal impact. As an Economic Advisor to the President, she supported the Economic Council in its analysis of public policy in areas such as pension reform, the reactivation of the construction sector and analysis of the cost of the armed conflict. As an advisor to the Economic Studies Department of the Department of National Planning (DNP) Ms. Navas researched topics such as FDI, agricultural reform and education spending policy.

In addition to her work on macro issues, she has advised industry association and private sector clients in the oil, banking, communications, tourism and urban transportation sectors. She has produced studies on the impact of tax reform on revenue in the alcohol industry, the development of the country’s corporate debt market, and made a comparative study of the beverage industry in Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

Ms. Navas holds an M.S. in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, an M.S. in international economics from the Universidad de los Andes and a B.A in economics from the Universidad de los Andes.