Turkey and the Gulf webinar: The impact of reconciliation

Date: 12 Sep 2023

Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

How much financing have the Gulf States delivered or pledged to Turkey and to what extent did it stabilize the lira? Why have Saudi Arabia and the UAE reconciled with Turkey? What has been the economic impact of reconciliation on tourism and trade? What are the implications for regional geopolitics?

Following Justin Alexander and Atilla Yesilada's joint-report, 'The Sultan woos the Sheikhs: Turkey’s improved GCC relations bolster external financing', get more insight into the region's geopolitics and the economic impact on Turkey and the Gulf Countries.

Watch the replay of our webinar featuring GlobalSource Partners' Country Analysts Justin Alexander (GCC), Atilla Yesilada (Turkey), and Murat Ucer (Turkey) discussing these topics in an event moderated by Nicolaie Alexandru-Chidesciuc, Head of EMEA EM economics team at J.P. Morgan.

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