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GDP growth indeed slowed down in Q2 but better than expectation
HUNGARY - In Brief 14 Aug 2018

Q2 GDP came out at 0.9% qoq, 4.4% yoy this morning, decelerating from 1.2% qoq, 4.7% yoy in Q1. This means that analysts correctly expected growth to slow down but undershot the...

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Habemus law on political parties, at the speed of light
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 13 Aug 2018

As expected, in a matter of hours, the Senate voted for the bill on political parties approved the previous day by the Chamber of Representatives. Today, President Medina signed...

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IMF Mission Arrives: Good Sign
UKRAINE - In Brief 13 Aug 2018

Today Ukraine’s representative to the IMF posted on his Facebook page a release stating that an IMF mission will visit Kyiv during September 6-19, 2018. No other details, just g...

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Economics: Abstaining from an optimistic consensus
MEXICO - Report 13 Aug 2018

Many have interpreted the data contained in the preliminary GDP report for the second quarter as confirmation that the Mexican economy shows no sign of slowing down. However, we...