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Important snippets on today's national holiday
HUNGARY - Note 23 Oct 2017

Today is a national holiday in Hungary, the anniversary of the 1956 revolution and uprising against the Soviet rule. Markets are closed, but life goes on, as usual. Some recent ...

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Political and Economic Update
TURKEY - Weekly Trends 22 Oct 2017

Sundays have become synonymous with the word “crisis” in Turkey. We start with unconfirmedand not too credible news of the U.S. State Department getting ready to levy fines on s...

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Trying to Please Both God and The Devil
ECUADOR - Quarterly Outlook 20 Oct 2017

President Lenín Moreno’s position on the razor's edge is evidenced by his contradictory and mild decision making on important political and economic issues. The new economic pro...

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J&F’s future is in jeopardy
BRAZIL POLITICS - Market Brief 20 Oct 2017

A serious threat looms over the future of JBS, the largest meat producer in the world and a company controlled by the J&F group. The rescission of the plea bargain deal secured ...