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Slugging Along, with Few Hopes for 2018
COLOMBIA - Monthly Report 26 Sep 2017

Q2 GDP growth figures clearly showed a weak economy, struggling to reach a mere 1.3% growth. Key indicators released since then show that the economy is still underwater – but a...

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Economic Outlook
BRAZIL ECONOMICS - Presentation 26 Sep 2017

A benign international scenario is favoring Brazil, inflation is falling across the board, and there is a clear increase in consumption, but the fiscal and political pictures ar...

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Monetizing debt does not relieve China’s debt burden
CHINA FINANCIAL - Presentation 26 Sep 2017

The relative pick-up in nominal GDP growth and the deflator reduces the cost of servicing the debt in real terms, but households absorb part of the cost by providing borrowers w...

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The Indian Economy
INDIA - Presentation 26 Sep 2017

Aggregating micro data shows a different story than official data. Challenges remain for the Central Bank and the banking industry.