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Country Insights

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Tax reform: down to the wire?
PHILIPPINES - Note 21 Sep 2017

The Senate ways and means committee submitted last night its version of the tax reform package, authored by 14 of 22 active senators. We gather that Senate bill 1592 is very dif...

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Spending Plan 2018: Subsidies cut, Reforms Budgeted
UKRAINE - Note 20 Sep 2017

Macro-parameters are in line with our projections. Finance Ministry projects 3.0% of GDP growth (exactly what we expect), 7% consumers’ inflation (we project 6.9%) and UAH 29.3/...

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Hurricane Maria unlikely to have direct impact; the country prepares

Just day after being seriously threat by Hurricane Irma, the Dominican Republic prepares for the possible impact of Hurricane Maria. As we write, Maria is hitting Puerto Rico, a...

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CNT/MDA Poll: Lula leads in the 2018 race
BRAZIL POLITICS - Market Brief 19 Sep 2017

A poll released today by CNT/MDA on the 2018 presidential race shows that former President Lula (PT) leads all three scenarios tested by the poll. Despite suffering wear on his ...