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Russia grabbing the headlines, but tapering matters more
UKRAINE - Report 30 Nov 2021

Ukraine’s economy is performing below expectations, with a disappointing 2.4% of GDP y/y growth in Q3 despite a historically bumper grain crop. To large extent, this is due to p...

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​Omicron and the Gulf: The hit to oil is fiscally manageable, as are health risks
GULF COUNTRIES - Report 30 Nov 2021

The emergence of yet another worrying Covid variant has raised concerns in the Gulf, as it has globally. No cases have been identified in the region yet, but its international c...

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Another interest rate step from the MNB: the corridor was raised today
HUNGARY - In Brief 30 Nov 2021

In a brief statement today, the MNB said that at today's meeting, which was not one of its monthly rate-setting meetings by the way, the Monetary Council raised the interest rat...

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Well-organized Chavista minority beats disorganized majority opposition
VENEZUELA - Report 30 Nov 2021

As we had forecast, the Maduro coalition took most of the seats under contention despite its having won a minority of the votes: with only 46% of the votes, it obtained 19 of 24...

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