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Macroeconomic and financial stress in five areas
INDIA - Report 15 Oct 2018

​In India today there are five areas of stress that are interacting with each other. They are: 1) the bond market; 2) non-bank financial companies; 3) mutual funds; 4) the banki...

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Change in the global scenario: Less tolerance towards emerging countries
BRAZIL ECONOMICS - Report 15 Oct 2018

​With the American economy in full employment and stimulated by a strongly expansionary fiscal policy to boot, the Federal Reserve will continue raising the interest rate. The y...

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An Initial Take on the USMCA
MEXICO - Report 15 Oct 2018

Just before a midnight deadline on September 30, Canada and the United States concluded their part of the talks following the earlier tentative deal for a new, revised Nafta tha...

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Politics: López Obrador’s airport conundrum
MEXICO - Report 15 Oct 2018

President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced this past week that he will be organizing a "public consultation" regarding the future Mexico City airport. The consultatio...