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Gsp report report thumbnail
Duque, the Freshman
COLOMBIA - Report 03 May 2019
The corruption scandals surrounding Ruta del Sol II have created all sorts of problems for the unrelated fourth generation (4G) program. The most important was the realization that, when nullifying a contract due to a concessionaire’s proven corruption, the rules applicable to companies providing...

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COLOMBIA - Report 01 Apr 2019
President Iván Duque’s objection to six articles of the Special Peace Jurisdiction (JEP) Act has created a Brexit moment for Colombia. Duque had two alternatives: first, even if he disliked the peace agreement, he could have accepted it, and have tried to impose the rule of law. This would have “...

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Fiscal moves require some clarity
COLOMBIA - Report 01 Mar 2019 1 response
The three themes dominating politics are President Iván Duque’s recovered popularity, Colombia’s role in the Venezuelan debacle and the future of the FARC-related Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP). Duque’s approval ratings have benefited from his recent moves pleasing the uribista right, namel...

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Terror 102
COLOMBIA - Report 01 Feb 2019
As the New Year begins, our assessment of the Colombian economy is mixed. Economic activity continues to pick up, consumer sentiment is recovering and, while inflation and monetary policy face some challenges, they’re nothing out of the ordinary. But there will be serious fiscal issues, both for ...

Gsp report report thumbnail
The Colombian quilting bee
COLOMBIA - Report 21 Dec 2018
​According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a quilting bee is “a social gathering of women at which they work together at making quilts or doing other quilted work”. If the word “women” is replaced by “members of Congress”, we get a pretty good description of what happened with the tax reform (...

Gsp report report thumbnail
“Our proposal has been misunderstood”
COLOMBIA - Report 13 Dec 2018 1 response
President Iván Duque recently gave an interview to a Cali radio station as part of an effort to counter the negative (to put it mildly) press coverage that both student protests and his tax reform proposal have attracted. The president contended that his tax plan had been “misunderstood.” Indeed,...

Gsp report report thumbnail
A new census portrays a very different country
COLOMBIA - Report 14 Nov 2018
Preliminary 2018 census results delivered many surprises, most posing severe challenges for future economic and social policies. First, there are 45.5 million people living in Colombia, not the 50 million many had been projecting for years. Among major public policy implications: we are richer th...

Gsp in brief thumbnail
A vote on Finance Minister Carrasquilla in Congress?
COLOMBIA - In Brief 24 Oct 2018 1 response
An eventual no-confidence vote (moción de censura) against Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla would be an unwelcome event. Some congressmen would like to exploit this as an opportunity to force the Duque administration to negotiate. We think that the prospect of the government’s losing its mos...

Gsp report report thumbnail
Is it or is it not a Tax Reform?
COLOMBIA - Report 01 Oct 2018 1 response
It was common knowledge that the proposed budget submitted by the outgoing Juan Manuel Santos administration featured a drastic cut in public investment, to lower the central government deficit from 3.1% of GDP this year to the mandated 2.4% of GDP in 2019. This would require either budget cuts o...

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