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Weak business cycle conditions in the Indian economy
INDIA - In Brief 14 May 2019
For a few years, there has been a tension between two views of the Indian economy. One view was grounded in the GDP data, and saw high GDP growth rates. Another view was grounded in the firm data, and saw weak performance of firms. Our work on building a `coincident indicator' is a valuable path ...

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Business cycle conditions, Jan-Mar 2019
INDIA - Report 13 May 2019
The best measure of business cycle conditions in India is the coincident indicator, which is a linear combination of well-measured underlying indicators. The coincident indicator deteriorated slightly in Jan-Mar 2019, to +0.8% above trend. The leading indicator gives us a sense of how the coin...

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Financial stress – feedback loops
INDIA - Report 08 May 2019
Ordinarily, economic systems find equilibrium. There is a shock, the problem heals as gaps between supply and demand are closed, and the system finds a new equilibrium. However, when positive feedback loops are present, such benign outcomes may not arise. A system can rapidly move away from th...

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Positive feedback loops
INDIA - In Brief 28 Apr 2019
The key thing to watch for in the financial stress is the positive feedback loops. Here are six pieces that we see today.1. It is believed that one of the chunks of cash that ADAG group hopes to obtain in coming weeks is Rs.20 billion from Zee group, which has itself defaulted on some payments. T...

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Credit stress in ADAG group
INDIA - In Brief 27 Apr 2019
In the last year of Indian financial stress, we have seen defaults by IL&FS, Zee Group, Supertech, etc.The biggest business house facing difficulties, though, is Anil Dhirubai Ambani Group ("ADAG"). This group comprises the following firms: Reliance Communications, Reliance Capital, Reliance Infr...

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Peering into the parliamentary election
INDIA - Report 24 Apr 2019
In this report, we sketch our views on the main questions surrounding the elections. What are the factors at work shaping the minds of voters? What are the polls saying? How precise are these forecasts? What will change in terms of policy in the next five years? What changes if a coalition govern...

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Developments in financial stress
INDIA - Report 22 Apr 2019
The defining problem of the Indian economy is the lack of private investment. A stressed financial system is one factor hampering private investment. In this note, we review the stress in a few components of the financial system. About 35% of the non-financial firms' balance sheet is under str...

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Investment data for Jan-Mar 2019
INDIA - Report 05 Apr 2019
One of the most important elements of business cycle conditions in India is investment. The official GDP data yields poor estimates of investment demand. We construct aggregates using micro data about individual projects. Overall investment under implementation grew by about 10% in the last five ...

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Business cycle conditions
INDIA - Report 11 Mar 2019
The conventional GDP data shows a recovery in late 2017. However, the Indian GDP data became less reliable with the methodology change in 2015, which applies to the series from 2012 onwards. We assess business cycle conditions through three pathways. We have constructed a “coincident indicator...

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