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Exit polls augur a very fragmented new Congress
PERU - In Brief 26 Jan 2020
Preliminary results to complete (until July 2020) the term of dissolved Congress show the that no party will achieve a plurality. These results could favor President Vizcarra. We do not expect the new Congress to adopt significant reforms, let alone, attempt any amendment to the Constitution.Whil...

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How different could 2020 be?
PERU - Report 27 Dec 2019
The electoral campaign to replace the dissolved Congress seems to have failed to gain momentum. The latest polls find that nearly half of voters haven’t decided who to vote for in the January 26th contest. While some surprises could emerge, the results will most probably favor President Martín Vi...

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Vizcarra governing unhindered
PERU - Report 03 Dec 2019
Elections for a new Congress are set for January 26th, after President Martín Vizcarra’s dissolution of Congress in September. Though the government is in the interim empowered to issue executive orders that have the same validity as law, we doubt it will enact any significant reforms this way, b...

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Vizcarra triumphed despite legal transgressions
PERU - Report 25 Oct 2019
The legality of President Martín Vizcarra’s dissolution of Congress has been considered fraught, with legal experts citing elements of constitutional violation. But the idea of dismissing Congress is supported by some 85% of the public, and by the Armed Forces and police. International organizati...

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The fallout after Vizcarra’s decision to dissolve Congress
PERU - In Brief 06 Oct 2019
After the September 30 dissolution of Congress, a few facts remain clear:This action is considered illegal by most prominent constitutional scholars and constitutional experts (see attached declaration published by 11 constitutional experts in Spanish ). However, there are many lawyers that argue...

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​Political chaos
PERU - In Brief 30 Sep 2019
This afternoon President Martín Vizcarra announced the dissolution of Congress.The immediate cause behind the president’s decision lies in his interpretation of today´s events in Congress. After the Constitution Committee decided to reject his proposal for early general elections last Friday, the...

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A battle of wills
PERU - Report 12 Sep 2019
Since President Martín Vizcarra stunned Congress six weeks ago with his request for early general elections, Peru has been immersed in a political tug-of-war. While the president accuses Congress of dwarfing his plans and dragging its feet over political and judicial reforms, the congressional ma...

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Gripped by political uncertainty
PERU - Report 07 Aug 2019
We project 2019 growth at just 2.6%, but deterioration of the political situation, and the perception that an anti-system candidate could become the next president, could further damage growth prospects. In addition, international turbulence could affect emerging countries, including Peru. On the...

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Vizcarra finishes his National Day speech with a bombshell
PERU - In Brief 28 Jul 2019
A few hours ago, president Martin Vizcarra delivered the customary July 28thspeech before Congress where as usual he enumerated his government´s achievements during the last 12 months. However, towards the end of his presentation the President explained that the Executive Branch proposals for a p...

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