AKP strikes back

TURKEY - In Brief 11 Jun 2013 by Atilla Yesilada

Yet another fateful day in Turkish history. Arinc promised Erdogan will meet a delegation of Gezi Parki protestors tomorrow. But this morning riot police entered the Taksim Square to remove the banners and to end the occupation.  Clashes throughout the day and across the country a possibility to watch for. Gul approves the alcohol restrictions bill, showing that the AKP leadership circled the wagons around Erdogan and its collective conservative agenda.   Assad getting ready to attack Aleppo, a new deluge of refugees towards the Turkish border.   Is Obama gonna arm the rebels?  Will Ankara be asked to a play a more prominent role in the execution of the Syrian War at a tense time like this?   Q1 GDP stat probably weaker than consensus %2.2, as Zafer Caglayan hinted.   Global FOREX under tremendous pressure today. Turkish assets unlikely to withstand the pressure, Currency Basket opens at 2.22. 

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