Alevi’s Death Infuriates Gezi Parki People

TURKEY - In Brief 25 Jun 2013 by Atilla Yesilada

Strong signs that AKP is preparing reform packages for Alevites and Kurds. Budget aid will be provided to Alevite temples (Cemevi) and pastors. For Kurds, Kurdish language education will be permitted in private schools, with a voucher type of system. Will the minorities settle for that little?  I don’t know, but it is still a good start. 

The police who “accidentally” shot and killed an Alevite protestor, Mr. Ethem Sarisuluk is released on bail, which caused uproar. Calls to rally in Taksim again tonight. Worth watching, because as I write this the police is raiding 30 addresses in Ankara to arrest provocateurs. Compare Turkey's crack-down to Brazil's attempt to defuse the tensions with reform proposal.

Is EU accession dead?  Probably so until German elections.  The question is how harsh will be Ankara’s response. If Ankara pursues to escalate threats against Merkel, this could become a market issue. 

Equities and TL up, but bond yields falling. Rally not convincing. A sell-off could ensue, with Treasury auctions reveal poor demand.   

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