Azerbaijan firing on Armenia

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 05 Aug 2022 by Alex Teddy

On August 4 an exchange of fire between Armenia and Azerbaijan led to the death of 3 Armenian soldiers. Azerbaijan has moved forward and gained high ground. Russia reprimanded Azerbaijan for this.

Both countries said the other broke the ceasefire. The fighting took place in the part of Nagorno Karabakh that is legally Azerbaijani but has been controlled by Armenia since 1991.

The USA and EU called for an instant restoration of the ceasefire.

Russia has mediated the situation. Prime Minister Pashinyan of Armenia publicly said that the Russian newspapers were not much use.

Azerbaijan may sense that this is the time to press its advantage. Russia is so distracted by Ukraine that it cannot devote resources to its ally Armenia. Russia wishes to irk Turkey, which is a close ally of Azerbaijan.

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