Bolsonaro expected to sanction the national nursing salary floor today, polls show an improvement in government ratings, and the STF began judgment of the new administrative improbity law

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 04 Aug 2022 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

One of the problems of the nursing bill is that it does not mention a source of funding for the expense. One of the ideas under discussion in Congress is the legalization of gambling, which has already been approved by the House and is pending a vote in the Senate. The government's negative ratings (bad/very bad) dropped by 4% (47% to 43%) compared to July. Its positive ratings (great/good) rose from 26% to 27% between July and August. The STF began judgment on whether the new administrative improbity law should have retroactivity. Another point of the law defines that, from the approved amendments, the text requires proof of intent.

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