The last week of work in Congress and other weekly topics

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 13 Dec 2021 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

This may be the last week of congressional activity this year. The goal in Congress is to vote on the Federal Budget by Friday, December 17, and start recess early; it would typically start on December 23. The Precatórios PEC is one of the main items on the agenda. The TCU may adjudicate Eletrobras's privatization process. At the STF, André Mendonça will be inaugurated as a minister.

This week's Talking Points:

* TV and radio time.

* Third candidates re-aligned.

* Operation Car Wash will be in the 2022 campaign.

* Bolsonaro in search of lost space.

* The meeting between Doria and Moro.

* The last week of work in Congress.

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