Moro gains traction as a "third candidate" and other weekly topics

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 29 Nov 2021 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

This will be a hectic week in Brasilia. The Senate will continue to discuss the Precatórios PEC. It will also analyze appointments, including that of André Mendonça for the STF. The STF continues to analyze the constitutionality of the Sanitation Framework. Jair Bolsonaro joins the PL. In the economy, the GDP for the third quarter will be published.

This week's Talking Points:

* Main matters on the December agenda.

* Bolsonaro in the PL.

* Moro gains traction as a "third candidate".

* Which Lula will we get in 2022?

* Doria wins the PSDB primary.

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