Editing Pension Reform and other weekly topics

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 22 Apr 2019 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

The main item on the agenda in the Lower House is the Pension Reform vote in the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ). The government is dealing with the risk of a truckers’ strike. On Monday, the government may announce a set of measures to increase productivity, employment and economic activity (“More Brazil, Less Brasília”). The Indigenous Free Land movement could gather 5,000 people in Brasília.

This week’s Talking Points:
* With no space in government, support in Congress will be decided case by case
* Editing Pension Reform
* The Centrão, Rodrigo Maia and Pension Reform
* Wear on the STF’s image strengthens Operation Car Wash
* Latent risk of another truckers’ strike
* Toffoli changes the STF trial schedule

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