Erdogan backs down on Gezi Parki

TURKEY - In Brief 14 Jun 2013 by Atilla Yesilada

Party spokesperson H. Celik announced that a.      As long the current injunction by court on reconstruction in Gezi Parki stands, the government will not raze the parkb.      Regardless of the final court verdict a plescibite will be heldIn return AKP wants protestors to vacate the Gezi Park. Yet it has so far not canceled its relation meetings this week. The acute stage of the crisis is not defused yet after-shocks are still possible. What if protestors refuse to vacate the Park?  What if these protests are genuinely targeted against broader authoritarian policies and continue in the coming days?  We will see.  My view?  From now on expect new turbulence any time.We will also see just by how much the Turkish markets will recover. As long as global vol is high, probably not much.

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