Exit Polls: Zelenskiy Wins with 73.2% Support

UKRAINE - In Brief 21 Apr 2019 by Dmytro Boyarchuk

Volodymyr Zelenskiy – 73.2% Petro Poroshenko – 25.3% The final result might differ a bit but the winner of the race is obvious. Variety of versions why Poroshenko got that dramatic defeat. My personal view, Ukrainians did not forgive his greediness and permissiveness for cronies. That’s why all appeals to the war and potential threat from Moscow did not work. People seating on rent-seeking schemes will not give up that easily. Zelenskiy is an unprecedented threat for them since they have no leverages on new president and he can attack those schemes without any restrictions. This layout promises a severe confrontation over the upcoming months. We should expect Ukrainian establishment working hard to curtail authorities of the president and there will be a furious battle over the parliament which is critical 'place of arms' to preserve the existing schemes.

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