Fresh Polls: Zelenskiy Leads

UKRAINE - In Brief 11 Apr 2019 by Dmytro Boyarchuk

GB: Brexit is the greatest prank of the decade! UA: Hold my beer Yesterday journalists and bloggers close to President Poroshenko sadly discussed in social media fresh polls from Razumkov Center. The official release of the numbers is expected to be today. However, since the info leaked through pro-presidential bloggers and already are widely discussed, we decided to share these numbers with our clients. In short, Volodymyr Zelenskiy wins in second round with impressive gap. 49.3% of respondents confirmed they will support Zelenskiy. Only 20.6% of respondents will vote for Poroshenko. Even if undecided (20.4%) suddenly turn supporters of incumbent president – Poroshenko loses anyway. Against this backdrop we should expect Ukrainian establishment start thinking about turning Ukraine into full-fledged parliamentary republic soon.

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