Gallup-Hoy poll reiterates Medina's lead in voter preference but also that he's just above the 50% mark

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 01 Feb 2016 by Pavel Isa

Today, the most reputed political survey in the country, Gallup-Hoy, released the results for the poll conducted on January 24-27. The results reiterate that President Medina leads the voter preference for the May elections with 51.8%. while 35.7% of those who responded expressed preference for Luis Abinader (PRM and allies). Guillermo Moreno (Alianza País and allies) would get 4.3% of the votes. These results reiterates that the preference for Medina has declined significantly (down from 62.6% in July), that the preference for Abinader has increased (up from 17.4%) and that the electoral scenario is polarizing. However, it also stress that the margin between the two candidates continue to be high (16.1%). However, the novelty is that, for the first time in a poll result, Medina is gets closer to the 50% mark, which is the minimun required to win the election in the first round, without going for a second round. This could increase the fiscal risks associated with the elections. The election campaign will formaly begin this week and the political parties are yet to show their amunition. During the weekend in a colorful rally, PLD presented President Medina as its presidential nominee. Also PRSC, recent PRM allied, presented Abinader as its candidate.

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