German state trying to circumvent Nord Stream 2 sanctions

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 10 Jan 2021 by Alex Teddy

On January 6 a German state vowed to expedite Nord Stream 2 by using a climate foundation. Mecklenburg West Pomerania will shield companies building the pipeline. The pipeline will come ashore in that state.A foundation to fund ecological projects will be used. The pipeline will be defined as tech bridging the transition to green energy. Nord Stream 2 AG will pay EUR 20 million to start with to The Foundation for Climate and Environmental Protection (FCEP). FCEP will be used to purchase for materials for the pipeline. This is a state owned climate company. The state will give FCEP EUR 200 000. FCEP could be up and running within a week.Gas is cleaner than oil and coal. In 2010 Germany decided to end the use of nuclear energy. That has made the country thirsty for other energy sources.Environmentalists have slammed FCEP as a sham.

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