​Government launches Economic and Social Council

ARGENTINA - Report 23 Feb 2021 by Esteban Fernández Medrano

Last Friday, President Alberto Fernandez announced the formal creation of an Economic and Social Council (ESC). It had been part of AF's political promises at the onset of his mandate but was delayed by the pandemic’s urgency.

This interdisciplinary body, presided by National Secretary of Strategic Planning Gustavo Beliz, is accompanied by representatives of most economic and social sectors. It has the mandate over almost three years (1,000 days was the actual term, i.e., approximately the remaining time-frame of AF's current mandate) to present to the executive structural economic and political reforms aiming to transform Argentina’s society into a more just and sustainable one.

Gustavo Beliz presented the objective and methodology of the ESC. In short, it is a body of experts, business unions, labor syndicates, and social representatives to develop a consensual vision, with technical consistency and strong ethical bases, of the structural reforms needed to leave behind decades of social and economic disappointments.

In this report, we focus on last week’s events that possibly sparked the announcement’s timing and discuss the implications of the creation of the body, not only on the upcoming IMF talks, but also on the political process itself.

It is still to be seen if Gustavo Beliz will manage to build a consensus view in a very fragmented society.

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