Haddad will meet with governors to discuss state debt, Pacheco should submit a bill to renegotiate state debt, and the House may vote on the Bankruptcy Law bill

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 26 Mar 2024 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

Today, the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, will meet with the governors of the South and Southeast to present a proposal to review the criteria for indexing the states' debt. Minister Haddad has already taken the matter to President Lula (PT). The governors will also meet with the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), this afternoon. It has been reported that he will soon submit a bill to renegotiate the states' debt. Today, the House may vote on PL nº 3/2024, which provides for changes to the Bankruptcy Law. The rapporteur is Deputy Dani Cunha (União-RJ).

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