Politics: How voters are assessing the current administration’s performance in specific policy areas

MEXICO - Report 25 Mar 2024 by Guillermo Valdes and Francisco González

In the second half of our analysis of the GEA-ISA nationwide quarterly poll of registered voters conducted in early March, we turn attention away from matters of presidential approval and voter support for this year’s presidential candidates and political parties and focus on citizens' perceptions of the country's current situation and how they judge the government’s performance.

The news looks decidedly mixed for the incumbents. The economy is undoubtedly the most favorable topic for the administration. Perceptions of the economic situation of the country and of families remain more positive than negative, albeit to a lesser degree than a year ago, as almost half of respondents rate the national economy as good while four out of every ten have a similarly upbeat perception of their household finances. But that’s where the good news ends.

There has been a major drop in favorable perceptions of almost every specific policy area, leaving them all below AMLO’s 51% approval rating except for social policy, especially cash transfer programs, which 52% of respondents described as benefitting them or their relatives. Security was the issue on which respondents delivered their harshest evaluations, with 51% saying they think the administration is protecting rather than cracking down organized crime. They also delivered some of their most negative assessments of AMLO’s cancellation of a wide range of popular programs that were in place prior to 2019, while support for most of the administration’s signature infrastructure projects has waned.

And on less partisan topics, we detected troubling trends in perceptions of the rule of law and support for judicial autonomy.

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