Indonesia: Quick Count Result

INDONESIA - In Brief 17 Apr 2019 by Cyrillus Harinowo

Indonesian Presidential Election has been done in Indonesia today, April 17, 2019 peacefully. There were no reports of conflicts during the election done throughout the islands of Indonesia. As predicted by majority of polling companies, President Jokowi won the election based on the quick count results by a considerable margin.In his speech Jokowi thanked to his supporters and appealed for the supporters of both candidates to unite again to improve the well being of the people. Jokowi has not claimed his victory yet and asked his supporters to wait for the formal count by the Election Commission.On the other hand, Jokowi's opponent claimed his victory based on his internal exit poll and quick count results. He asked his supporters not to be provoked by the quick count results of the various polling companies. This is almost a repeat of history from his first Presidential Election in 2014 before he conceded his defeat when the Constitutional Court decided his defeat.On the election of the Congress, the quick count results showed the Jokowi's coalition won the election by a significant margin. PDIP, Golkar, PKB, Nasdem and PPP were indicated to secure a strong majority in the House of Representatives. This result may strengthen the effectiveness of Jokowi's Government in the second term.Indonesia was very lucky not to experience unexpected surprise like in the Provincial election of Jakarta two years ago.

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