Is it game over?

PHILIPPINES - In Brief 22 Dec 2021 by Romeo Bernardo

Pulse Asia released today the results of its survey of on voters’ presidential preferences conducted in the first week of December. The late dictator’s son, former Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., was the top pick, with a majority (53%) of the respondents saying they will vote for him if elections were held today. The second placer was Vice President Leni Robredo who received 20% voter support. Somewhat unexpected was the slippage of Manila Mayor Francisco Domagoso to third place, now tied with Senator Manuel Pacquiao, each with 8% share. The 2022 presidential election looks set to be another contest between Marcos, Jr. and VP Robredo. The two vied for the VP position in 2016 with the latter edging out the former by a small margin. As we said before, the worst-case election outcome for President Duterte is a Robredo presidency. Although the gap in voter support between the two is substantial, it is clear now that the President will end up endorsing Marcos, Jr. just to make sure. Does this mean that the game is over?CHART 1.FIRST CHOICE VOTING PREFERENCE FOR PRESIDENT IN THE 2022 ELECTIONSCHART 2.FIRST CHOICE VOTING PREFERENCE FOR VICE-PRESIDENT IN THE 2022 ELECTIONS

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