Issues surrounding President Bolsonaro's affiliation with the PL arise, the CAE should analyze the bills presented by Sen. Jean Paul Prates and Sen. Nelsinho Trad, and the MP that created the Auxílio Brasil program will expire in about three weeks

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 16 Nov 2021 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

Bolsonaro’s affiliation with the PL was scheduled for November 22, but yesterday he said that he hopes to resolve the issues in two or three weeks. Bolsonaro is against an alliance with the PSDB in the state of São Paulo. The Economic Affairs Committee (CAE) of the Senate will analyze the report on the bill that deals with price guidelines for diesel, gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), creating the Stabilization Fund for fuel prices and instituting an export tax on crude oil. The Committee will also analyze the bill that changes the rules of the Program to Support Restructuring and Fiscal Adjustment in the states. The provisional measure (MP) that created the Auxílio Brasil program needs to be voted on in the House and in the Senate by December 7.

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