Kyrgyz PM claims presidential power as president resigns

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 16 Oct 2020 by Alex Teddy

On October 14 Sadyr Japarov said that he was assuming presidential authority as President Jeenbekov resigned. The Speaker of Parliament is supposed to become the president in this scenario but declined to do so. Only days ago Japarov was in jail for hostage taking. Since disputed elections on October 4 there has been mounting chaos. There were clashes leading to hundreds of injuries. Former president Atambaev was rescued from jail.President Jeenbekov said he was resigning to prevent violence. Parliament is meeting today on October 16 to discuss the situation. President Jeenbekov's resignation was under pressure or perhaps even duress. He could yet try a comeback. Both Russia and the West wanted him to stay in office. The only other significant player in the country is China. But it is unclear that China had anything to gain from the recent changes.Nobody knows what will happen next. The October 4 election results have been annulled. New elections are supposed to be held.

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