Lula meets with ministers to discuss a package of measures on credit, the government announced the new Voa Brasil program, and the FPE presents five bills on Tax Reform regulations

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 11 Apr 2024 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

This morning, President Lula meets with Vice President and Minister of Development, Industry, Commerce, and Services Geraldo Alckmin, among others, to discuss a package of measures on credit, more specifically, microcredit and credit for microenterprises. On social media, the Minister of Ports and Airports, Silvio Costa Filho, announced that the government has officially launched the Voa Brasil program, which provides flights for up to R$200 for retirees and students of the University for All Program who have not flown in the last 12 months. Today, the Parliamentary Entrepreneurship Front (FPE) presents five more bills formulated in the Tax Reform regulation working groups.

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