Missile strike kills 21 civilians in Ukraine

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 02 Jul 2022 by Alex Teddy

On July 1 a missile hit an apartment block in Odessa Region. Russia denied being behind the attack. The missiles were launched from planes flying over the Black Sea. 

Germany condemned the attacks as cruel.

Zelensky said that the EU should admit Ukraine to full membership quickly. North Macedonia has been waiting for 17 years. The EU said that Ukraine must make more progress on corruption to gain admission.

On July 1 the United Nations said borsch (beetroot soup) is part of Ukrainian heritage and is in danger from this war. The soup is regraded by Russia as its national dish. 

The fulcrum of the war is the Donbas. Russia is shelling Lysyschansk. But getting across the river to reach the city will be very difficult.

The NATO Summit took place in Spain in the week ending July 1. The main topic was Ukraine. NATO vowed to arm Ukraine as long as it takes. Biden said he will not allow Ukraine to be defeated. But he did not say he would cause Russia to be defeated. The US pledged another USD 800 million of arms.

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