National anti-corruption bureau arrests Head of State fiscal service

UKRAINE - In Brief 02 Mar 2017 by Dmytro Boyarchuk

Media reports that National anti-corruption bureau arrested Head of State fiscal service, Roman Nasirov. Poor details are available but it looks like the arrest is formally related to investigation of operations of former MP Oleksandr Onishchenko who escaped Ukraine in summer 2016. What are the real reasons for the arrest – we can only guess. National anti-corruption bureau never acted independently with high level officials. But we can not rule out it started acting so from now. Still it’s more likely that such arrest was blessed from President Office. Though the reason for such move is not obvious – Nasirov used to be a person from Poroshenko team. There is tiny probability that Poroshenko decided to put someone top level in jail to reduce political tension and to show IFI’s pitiless fight with corruption. However, I think more down to earth reasoning for arrest prevails in this story if it was indeed Poroshenko who is behind this move.

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