Politics: No clarity from parallel NDPs

MEXICO - Report 13 May 2019 by Guillermo Valdes, Alejandro Hope Pinsón and Francisco González

Since he won election, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has repeatedly, albeit in piecemeal fashion and in more ideological than programmatic terms, outlined the contents of the new political and economic direction he has set for the country as well as his key objectives: a Mexico without corruption, in peace and security, and with the supremacy of politics over economics, to cite a few examples - but with notable deficiencies and omissions regarding the means and instruments to achieve them.

For that reason, the roll-out of the current government’s National Development Plan (NDP) appeared to hold out the last hope that AMLO's administration would finally present a more pragmatic, prioritized, coherent, and viable vision of the type of country it wishes to build. Unfortunately, that proved not to be the case.

Right off the bat, the government muddied the planning waters by delivering two dissimilar texts, both titled National Development Plan. It is unclear which document should be given precedence when they contradict each other, present different priorities, or do not coincide. In this regard, the NDP will maintain and possibly intensify the unpredictability of presidential and cabinet actions. It simply will not generate certainty on the future and consistency of the government’s performance. If the president and his finance minister did not coordinate their efforts whatsoever in drafting their respective NDPs, what is most likely is that the text that is the most elaborate in terms of a plan (the SHCP document) will not be something that the president will take much into account.

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