Norway blocking Russian supplies to island

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 29 Jun 2022 by Alex Teddy

On June 28 Norway announced that it shall not allow food and medical supplies to be transported to Russia miners on the Svalbard Peninsula. In May 2022 Norway blocked two containers carrying 20 tons of supplies. The supplies had been due to pass the only border checkpoint between Norway and Russia.

The supplies were due to go to Bartensburg which is an Arctic Archipelago where 400 Russians work for the state mining company Arktiugol.

Moscow has reacted sharply to Norway's action. Oslo said its move was due to sanctions. The Svalbard Archipelago is Norwegian.

The 1920 Svalbard Treaty allows all parties to the treaty (including Russia) to access the archipelago's resources. Moscow slammed the Norwegian act as inhumane. Russia has vowed to riposte but has not said how.

Russia could expel diplomats. But then Norway would simply respond in kind.

Norway is no longer collaborating with Russia on various projects. The Norwegians closed their seaports to Russian vessels in May 2022.

Russia could ship supplies from Murmansk to Svalbard. This would be costlier.

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