Overthrow of Sudanese President is bad news for Russia

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 12 Apr 2019 by Alex Teddy

On April 11 the Sudanese Army ousted President Omar Bashir. This military coup is unwelcome news in Moscow because Russia had a good relationship with Bashir. Bashir was one of the few Arab leaders never to have withdrawn recognition from the Assad Government in Syria. He even visited Syria last year. Russia has lucrative oil, gas and arms contracts with Sudan. China is also a major trade partner of Sudan. Now that Bashir is gone all bets are off. In 2017 Bashir met President Putin and they discussed Russia setting up a military base in Sudan. There was talk of Sudan hiring Russian private military companies but this came to nothing. Bashir ran a Shariat state where insulting Islam was punishable by death. This is the brand of Islamism that both the US and Russia claim to oppose. Bashir allowed Al Qa'eda to operate openly in his country until 1998. Bashir was loathed in the West because of the Darfur Genocide. It is suspected that the CIA was in cahoots with the coup plotters. Sudanese help will be vital in combating ISIS in Africa.The US will likely support the new junta in Sudan in return for Sudan cancelling its sweetheart deals with Russia and China. The protests that brought Bashir down have not abated. The new military regime might yet lash out at demonstrators. Once again the US has overthrown a strongman it hated but may have made a bad situation worse. .

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