Peru: Political crisis intensifies

PERU - In Brief 04 Aug 2022 by Alfredo Thorne

President Castillo is under strong pressure to resign. Last night his Prime Minister (PM), Mr. Anibal Torres, a well-known lawyer, that has defended him from the opposition and declining popular support, decided to resigned. This anticipates a Cabinet reshuffle and the next PM and his Cabinet will have to go to Congress for the no-confidence vote.  This exposes President Castillo further. He tried to appease popular discontent with his July 28th speech offering a boost to government expenditure, but the impact was limited and discontented mounted. The Attorney General (AG) Ms. Patricial Benavides, has already opened five investigations and President Castillo is the first president to be investigated for embezzlement.. To fend himself off, President Castillo has criticized openly the (AG) and even tried to remove the National Police force that is collaborating with the AG investigations. Ms. Benavides reject this decision and kept these investigation police force. This has been perceived as an interference in an independent power, as it is the Judiciary. We keep our view that President Castillo's days in government are counted, as explained in our August report.

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