Postponement of the Pension Reform in the CCJ

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 17 Apr 2019 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

The postponement of the Pension Reform vote for the next week reduces the chance of the Lower House concluding the vote before the recess (July 18).

According to a timetable drawn up by Arko Advice, if all the minimum procedural deadlines were met, and without any hitch in the political articulation of the government, the conclusion of the Reform vote would take place in the final week of parliamentary activity.

Some factors, however, make it clear that the scenario should continue to generate turbulence. One is that the parties of the center do not feel part of the government. This is creating some difficulties, which was made very clear in today’s (April 17) meeting of the Committee on Constitution and Justice.

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