President Bolsonaro decides that the Office of the Chief of Staff must approve of the management of the public budget, the issue of the public servants’ salary raise continues to cause problems for the government, and another poll will be released today

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 14 Jan 2022 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

Bolsonaro’s decision undoubtedly strengthens the power of the PP party in relation to the budget issue and reduces the centrality of the decision of the Ministry of the Economy. However, the decision makes sense; the Chief of Staff is part of the Budget Board, which deals with issues related to the budget. There is a risk that the salary raise issue will be taken to court. Servants can allege issues related to equality before the law and take the issue to the Supreme Federal Court (STF). Today, the XP/Ipespe poll should be released. No major news came from the polls released in recent days.

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