Prime Minister Hubert Minnis concedes election. Bahamas Government changes

JAMAICA AND THE BAHAMAS - In Brief 17 Sep 2021 by Keith Collister

Former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has conceded the election to the PLP's Philip "Brave Davis". There does not appear to be a final seat count yet but the newspapers project the new Government will have a healthy majority, which is positive in this environment. Apparently it was not a good idea to call an election 8 months early during a major Covid surge with a highly depressed economy with the tourism industry only just starting to recover and unemployment at extremely high levels. There will however be no honeymoon. The first decision of the new government will be what to do about their promise to reduce VAT from 12 to 10%. In addition, the PLP had agreed a memorandum with members of the trade union movement, shortly before the election, unlike the FNM. While a quid pro quo was denied, if this is perceived as a factor in the result, the unions may have expectations re public sector wages. Watch this space.

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