Protests for Alexey Navalny to be freed

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 23 Jan 2023 by Alex Teddy

On January 21 demonstrations were held in 60 cities around the world in favor of the imprisoned Russian anti-corruption campaigner. Navalny has been in jail since 2021. Protestors also held placards readings, ''No war'' and ''Free political prisoners.'' There were demos in Moscow and many other Russian cities, London, Yerevan, Seoul, Bishkek and Belgrade, in particular. The protestors were mostly Russian expatriates. Some of them held Ukrainian flags. The BBC reported over 40,000 people protested in Russia and over 3,000 were arrested. 200 people protested in London and only a handful in Seoul. Kyrgyzstan is wary of these protests because allowing them annoys Russia. There is a considerable Russian emigre community in Serbia. Serbia is the only European country not to impose sanctions on Russian. Navalny's organization was labelled a terrorist on by a Russian court in 2021. He is ill, and scores of Russian doctors signed an open letter to Putin in January 2023 asking the president to ''stop abusing'' Navalny. He is held incommunicado serving a 9-year sentence.

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