Putin calls for "partial mobilization" – an extra challenge to deal with

UKRAINE - In Brief 21 Sep 2022 by Dmytro Boyarchuk

Well, we are moving to the "next level" of the war. Until Sept 21st, 2022, the Russian population was observing the invasion from the outside of the field, just cheering their team. Sanctions created some minor inconveniences but it’s nothing compared to the hardships Ukrainians had to pass through over the last six months. Today the Russian population was commanded to join this game. And this development goes in contrast to what "peaceful supporters of special military operation" have been counting on. No doubt, reinforcement of the Russian army with recruits will complicate the task of cleaning the occupied territory. However, from today, thanks to mobilization, common Russians know for sure that the Russian army was defeated in Ukraine, that losses of manpower in this war are huge, and that mercenaries are not enough to replace the killed and injured. A shocking reality for those who used to watch Russian propaganda for decades. No, we do not expect resistance or insurgencies in Russia at this stage of the war. The newly mobilized should return home in coffins first. But the good news that Russia is already "on the right way for development".

Probably, for the West the news was something they did not expect, especially, some European leaders who believed a concession with Russia might be reached. But now, we may rest assured that little argument can be suggested against increasing weapon supplies to Ukraine (lend-lease should start working in two weeks already).

Also we may see extra sanctions from the West since from this point it should be clear (even for desperate optimists) that there is no compromise solution for the "Russia...

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