Putin: Russia will be carbon neutral by 2060

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 14 Oct 2021 by Alex Teddy

On October 14 the Russian President announced the new policy. His country is the 3rd biggest emitter of carbon due relying so heavily on oil, gas and coal exports. Putin said oil and coal will be used less and less. It had been mooted that Russia would give itself 80 years to be carbon neutral but now it is giving itself just 40 years. Putin used to be scornful of the notion of anthropogenic climate change. In June 2021 Russia said it would reduce carbon emissions below the EU's level by 2050. Putin said his country could achieve sustainable developments but all countries must play their part.The government is preparing a draft policy on its ecological strategy. Reducing greenhouse gases will be a priority. The government now admits that climate change is mainly caused by human activity. Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that it is impossible to stop using hydrocarbons entirely. Offsetting emissions will be a large part of the strategy. There is some self-interest in halting climate change. Siberia is very vulnerable to climate change. There have been some disasters due to melting permafrost. With a falling population Russia might find it easy to cut emissions. However, it will be very hard to wean the economy off hydrocarbon exports. Not enough has been done to diversify the economy despite its being a government mantra for 20 years. Russia lags way behind the EU on harnessing its vast potential for renewable energy.

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