Rostec joins pilot customs project with China

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 02 Mar 2019 by Alex Teddy

RT Invest Transport Systems and Platon will jointly run a pilot project controlling freight and passenger traffic between Russia and China. RT Invest Transport System is a subsidiary of Rostec. Platon is a toll system.There have been several attempts to improve Trans-Eurasia roads and capitalize on Russia's long frontier with China and most attempts have failed. Only 200 Chinese trucks are registered with Platon - the trucks are mostly 12 tons each. The current project is an effort to improve and increase trade flow. Russia should be able to profit from the transshipment of Chinese goods through Russia. This trade facilitation is also about emphasizing political co-operation. The project will control road checkpoints at Kraskino-Hunchun and Poltavka-Dongnin - both on the Russo-Chinese border. GLONASS (Russia's satellite navigation system) and BeiDou (China's equivalent) will work interoperatively from March onwards. This is just a test and if the collaboration is found to be unsatisfactory by either side then the project could be aborted. SatNav will track deliveries across the border.Alexander Durko (President of GLONASS) is skeptical because for the past 4 years smartphones and other devices have allowed multifunctionality between different navigation systems. The ulterior motive for the project might be political.

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