Russian oil refinery attacked by Ukraine

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 23 Jun 2022 by Alex Teddy

On June 22 a refinery 5 km from the Ukrainian Border was hit by a drone. This caused a huge fire but no reported deaths. Russian state media reported the attack, which it said was perpetrated by terrorists. Operations have been suspended pending an investigation at the refinery. It took 90 minutes to douse the flames. The refinery at Novoshakhtinsk has a capacity of 7.5 million tons per annum. Ukraine has been attacking oil facilities increasingly. It caused an explosion on the Transneft Druzhba oil depot in April. On June 21 Ukraine attacked a Russian oil rig. Ukraine has neither claimed nor denied committing the attacks. Ukraine did not attack such facilities in the opening weeks of the war as it was so preoccupied with defending Kyiv. Ukraine was also reluctant to make oil and gas prices even higher because that would induce Western countries to compromise with Russia. But the Ukrainians are becoming more audacious about taking the war to the enemy. 

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