Russian open-ended investments

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 13 May 2019 by Alex Teddy

In April this year Russia saw a marginal (USD 1.1 million) increase in open-ended investment funds. Interest rates have been dropping, meaning depositing in a bank does not make much sense. The interest rate is currently 7.75% down from 8.25% in 2017. The Russian stock market has rebounded since last year's trough. The recovery in April 2019 was only one tenth of the outflow of March 2019. In April 2019 the Moscow stock market finished 2.5% higher than in March. That is an 8.5% rise over the same time last year according to InvestFunds. The RUB has fallen 1.5% against the USD over the last 30 days.Private investors withdrew USD 44 million from bond funds in April 2019. The increase in equity investments indicates that Russian investors regard this as less risky than the alternatives. A lot has been invested in the S&P as well as Nasdaq. The slowdown in the US markets in late 2018 meant prices there fell. Russian investors have been investing abroad in case the Russian economy tanks.

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