Russians claim troops are leaving Kherson but this might be a trap

UKRAINE - In Brief 09 Nov 2022 by Dmytro Boyarchuk

Today in the morning there were stingy reports about Ukrainian forces taking Snihurivka, a critical stronghold of Russian frontline to the North of Kherson. Heavy fights for Snihurivka have lasted for several months. We do not know what happened whether Russians just withdrew or Ukrainian forces managed to kick them out, but Snihurivka was strongly fortified and important for the defense of Kherson. The broken frontline near Snihurivka promised good further developments for Ukrainian army. However, it’s not clear whether Russians are really withdrawing from Kherson or just trying to trap Ukrainian forces into street fights. The General Staff reports that news about Russians’ withdrawal from the city of Kherson are very controversial. Most likely Ukrainian forces will not rush to enter the city to avoid unnecessary losses amid many reports that Russian grouping in occupied Kherson was in fact reinforced by special forces. Still the progress in the South is encouraging even if the news about leaving Kherson is premature.

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