Sberbank buying Rambler

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 29 Oct 2020 by Alex Teddy

On October 29 it was announced that Sberbank will buy Rambler Group. Rambler is an internet and media holding company. Many email addresses in Russia are called ""Sber invested in Rambler in 2019. It bought 47% of the company for about USD 125 million: the figure is secret.In July 2020 Sber became the biggest shareholder in Rambler owning 55% of it. Sber had now made a deal with Alexander Mamut who owns it. Mamut is selling the rest of the company. Sber is now obsessed with tech. Rambler has a search engine, an online movie site, an entertainment site, newspaper etc... Sber will not be allowed control these media outlets. Russia forbids foreign ownership of the media. Sber is 45% foreign owned.

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