The ANC 2019 election manifesto – new strategies or just more of the old promises?

SOUTH AFRICA - Report 16 Jan 2019 by Iraj Abedian

The African National Congress (ANC), the governing party in South Africa since the beginning of democracy in 1994, has delivered its election manifesto for the upcoming country’s general elections to be held during May of this year. By all accounts, these are likely to be the toughest elections the country has had, and certainly the most challenging the ANC has faced thus far. President Ramaphosa, who is also the president of the ANC, launched the election manifesto on Saturday, January 12, making it clear that the party’s main priorities were to tackle the “great challenges of the present – unemployment, poverty and inequality”. Hence, he indicated the ANC wants to grow the South African economy in order to ensure that everyone has a decent job, and that quality of life is improved for all. Thus, the ANC has promised to set out to transform itself first, and the country’s economy to serve the people.

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