The economic team opposes changing the law on SOEs, Bolsonaro is unhappy with how long it is taking Petrobras’s Board to approve company’s new president, and the latest poll shows an increase in Lula’s advantage in the election

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 22 Jun 2022 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

The economic team believes that a change in the law on state-owned enterprises (SOEs) would not be a good sign for investors and could open a huge legal gap to change other points of the law. Instead, the team supports the adoption of a truck drivers’ voucher and the expansion of the gas voucher. A meeting of the Petrobras Eligibility Committee was scheduled for Friday to analyze the appointment of Caio Paes de Andrade as president. If Caio's appointment is approved in the short term, it may relieve the pressure for changes in the law on SOEs. The PoderData poll shows that Lula's advantage over Bolsonaro in the second round, which was 10% fifteen days ago, has increased to 17%.

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