The High Court rules in favor of the president over the public protector ‒ twice in a row

SOUTH AFRICA - Report 13 Aug 2019 by Iraj Abedian

Following the Public Protector’s (PP) (Ms. Mkhwebane) findings that the President (Mr. Ramaphosa) misled Parliament as well as the nation by not disclosing knowledge about (the sources of) donations for his 2017 ANC presidential campaign, Mr. Ramaphosa applied for an urgent interdict against Ms. Mkhwebane’s remedial action. On Monday, August 12, the North Gauteng High Court granted the president an interim interdict to stay the remedial action pending a judicial review. The PP opted not to oppose the outcome of this application as she has done with other cases in the past and rather chose to wait for a date for the full review to be finalized.

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