The Senate meets today to vote on the PEC on Fuels, the government is worried about the electoral effects of the allegations regarding the former president of Caixa, and Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) was approved

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 30 Jun 2022 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

According to Senator Fernando Bezerra's report on the PEC of Fuels, “The state of emergency resulting from the extraordinary and unpredictable rise in the prices of oil, fuel and its derivatives and the social impacts resulting from them is recognized in the year 2022.” The probability is for the text to be approved with the support of the opposition. With that, the text will go to the House. Allegations of sexual harassment against former president of Caixa Pedro Guimarães have the government worried. The issue is delicate and worrisome because President Bolsonaro has had difficulties in regaining support from women in the electorate. Yesterday, the Joint Budget Committee approved the final report on the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) for 2023.

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