Ukraine de-oligarchization

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 30 Nov 2021 by Alex Teddy

On November 24 the cabinet passed a 20-point plan to implement the law on oligarchs. It is also reforming the judicial system. The objective is a diminution of oligarchic influence in politics. The National Security and Defense Council shall create a registry of oligarchs. The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting will create a procedure to authenticate the business reputations of those seeking to purchase media outlets.An Anti-Monopoly Committee is being strengthened, and a bill about lobbying will set up a registry on that. There will be a stricter financial superintendence of oligarchs, and there will be a process to discover the beneficiaries of companies owned by oligarchs.Ukraine is also trying to secure its electricity and natural gas supplies. The country aims to end imports from Belarus and Russia by September 2023.Parliament passed the law on oligarchs on September 23, and the president signed it on November 5. It will take effect in May 2022. Zelensky said the rules on oligarchs for those who do not wish to be labelled oligarchs are: do not seek to sway voters, do not donate to political campaigns, do not fund strikes, do not bribe politicians, do not use the media to shape opinion and do not blackmail the people by threatening to cut off vital supplies. The president also asked major business executives to put money into the country. He wants jobs to be created. The country is struggling to win foreign investment.

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