Ukraine says grain yield down 40%

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 27 Dec 2022 by Alex Teddy

As of December 24 the grain yield is down because of the war, the Ukrainian Grain Association told AFP. The 2022 yield will probably be 65 million tons:the counting is not quite complete. In 2021 it was 106 million tons. The war has led to a paucity of fuel, fertilizer and workers. It has become harder to sow and harvest. 6 million of Ukraine's 15 million grain-producing hectares have been captured by Russia and their grain yields have not been counted by Ukraine. Ukraine is the one of the world's biggest grain exporters. 20 million tons of grain were stuck in Ukraine's ports earlier in 2022. Since July 2022 there has been a Grain Initiative to allow the export of grain via the Black Sea. 580 ships carrying 15 million tons of cereal crops have sailed from Ukraine since July 2022.

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