Ukrainian election - Zelenskiy pulls further ahead

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 18 Mar 2019 by Alex Teddy

A polling company called SOCIS has found that Zelenskiy has almost 28% of voters committed to him. This is significant because this poll is only about people who said they are certain that they will vote. Zelenskiy's problem is that many of his supporters are first time voters - a demographic that fares poorly on turnout. Poroshenko (the sitting president) has almost 20% of voters pledging to vote for him. Tymoshenko is on almost 15%. There is another poll which shows Tymoshenko slightly ahead of Poroshenko but it still places Zelenskiy top.If no one wins over 50% of the vote on 29 March then it will go to a second round. Only the top two candidates will through to the second round. Major candidates are accusing each other of vote buying. It would be hard to do so on such a scale as to alter the outcome of the election.

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